About Ehsaas Counseling Therapy

To begin with, Ehsaas is a realization of my purpose and my dreams. It’s not just a place of work. It’s the fruit of years of hard work. Ehsaas is also a cafe. It’s where thousands of deep, personal, and often disturbing conversations have happened. It’s a pseudo-home that has provided a safe place for clients to speak openly and freely. It’s not just a place for conversations. It’s where realizations emerge, where hope finds a way, and where clarity dawns upon many unsuspecting minds including mine. And it’s a school, -where we both learn; my clients and I. It’s not just an office. It’s also a home. It’s where we laugh, share, and grow. Just like family. And we participate and encourage each other to go deeper, clearer, and beyond what we presently know.

It’s a temple. It’s peaceful. It’s reassuring. It’s where answers reveal themselves. Not on their own but by sincere devotion and penance of self-awareness. Ehsaas is ideally, your comfort zone. Where being uncomfortable is a part of life and it comes easy. Because it’s not a courtroom. No one is judging anyone here. Just listening, understanding, learning, and suggesting. And lastly, but most importantly, Ehsaas is a garden. Where we grow. By being aware, open, and ready to learn and realize. For the better. And it’s a memorable trip. Which takes you from awareness to your life’s answers.

Your illness doesn't define you, your strength & courage does.

Ashlesha Deshpande

Therapist, Wellness Coach,
Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Educator

I am a mental health professional with a penchant for conversational therapy.
Over the last decade or so, I have seen and experienced a variety of mental health issues across genders and age-groups.
This experience has helped me hone my therapy and counselling skills to suit my clients’ specific needs since every client comes with a unique set of situations which have to be addressed uniquely.
I believe that each individual has an innate desire in them to resolve their problems and grow. I facilitate that via conversational therapy.
This technique is centred around respect and empathy with the objective of eventually raising self-awareness with the client leading to effective solutions and subsequent actions.
I wish you all the best in your endeavours to resolve your mental health issues.

Our Services

If you or someone you know has a mental illness, is struggling emotionally or has concerns about their mental health, there are ways to get help.

Anxiety Management

Dealing With Depression

Building Self Esteem

Relationship Counseling

Stress Management

Couples Therapy

Life Coaching & Motivation

Navigating Midlife Crisis

Grief Counseling

Understand the difference between A Psychologist & A Psychotherapist


A practicing psychologist may have the qualifications of a  Masters in Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology. He or she can specialize in programs such as Master of Arts, M.Phil, Ph.D., or PsyD (Doctor of Psychology). Qualified psychologists offer non-medical counseling methods, including psychotherapy and psychological testing.
Psychologists use research-based psychotherapy techniques, including personality tests, clinical interviews, behavioral assessments, aptitude testing, and career guidance.


A psychotherapist is a trained mental health professional who helps individuals, couples, or groups address and overcome psychological and emotional challenges. Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy or counseling, is the primary tool used by psychotherapists to explore and understand thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Psychotherapists employ various therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, humanistic therapy, and more, tailored to the unique needs and preferences of their clients.

Citation Award at CINTAA AGM Meeting for providing counseling therapy services and educational workshop.
Ehsaas offers counseling therapy services for Film and Television fraternity along with CINTAA An initiative by Optimistic Productions.
A talk on mental health awareness at Usha Mittal Institute of Technology.

What Clients Say

I was struggling with anxiety after losing a loved one to suicide, managing relationships, and taking up new responsibilities at work, I sought Ashlesha counselling therapy. She is very knowledgeable and objective in her approach. She provided sound advice with relatable examples in a non-judgmental manner. Her empathy and compassion for others is her strongest trait. This helped me build a high level of trust with her. I have found my confidence and I am doing well in life now. Thank you Ashlesha, for helping me through one of the hardest times in my life and helping me rise again.

Anonymous (Australia)

I have been counselling with Ashlesha for more than 2 years now. I want to thank Ashlesha for helping me through my tough phase of anxiety and depression. I was getting panic attacks and suffered nervous breakdowns. Ashlesha is a very involved psychologist and her therapy has made me ready for new relationships and a better career. My current state of mind is very positive compared to where I was 2 years back. Thanks to her therapy, I am rediscovering myself. I will be ever so grateful to her for being there for me. Thank you.

Nishtha (Bangalore)

Review TextAsh! She is a cusp between a therapist and a life coach. The best part about my sessions with her was that she didn't just stop at analysing and understanding my problems but also made me understand the complete psychological or functional model behind it. This enabled me to handle my own problems the next time they appeared. She really has a kind and logical heart. She usually has a balanced and an open minded approach towards life and helped me embrace the same. She has a great sense of humour and brings a lot of fun and confidence to our interactions. Thank you Ash, for everything. You helped me cruise my way out through one of the most abusive situations of my life and showed me a mirror.

Sana (Delhi)

What Clients Say What struck me about Ashlesha was the distinctly refreshing approach of staying with my problem for a lot longer than the numerous other therapists I had met earlier. Almost all of them were almost ready with their solutions too soon. But Ashlesha went deeper. It almost felt like chatting with a soulmate of sorts. Her style of conversation is so casual and disarming that I opened up areas of my life that I myself wasn’t very aware of. Ashlesha has not only understood me and my problems well but also given a clear, meaningful and actionable direction to my life. I have progressed considerably with her sessions and continue to get better. I can’t thank her enough.

Rohit (Mumbai)

She is a storehouse of real life incidents and examples mixed with anecdotes and short stories and has an almost magical skill to draw up instances from this bank to make a point or to demonstrate a theory she is explaining or to just make a simple connection to an advice she is giving me to improve my life.

Ayesha (Bangalore)

I had thought its almost impossible task to reverse childhood trauma. When my son first met Ashlesha, he was dealing with multiple and severe chidhoon and growing up negativity. But Ashlesha’s patience coupled with her unconventional yet effective approach and techniques have since helped my son gradually but surely deal with his life in a far better and more mature manner. Her therapy is transformative and that’s a rare thing when the only tool you have at hand is conversations. Ashlesha’s most powerful skill is instinct and it’s uncanny how she through her own life’s anecdotes and stories makes a powerful and trusting connection. Now my son has learnt to live in the present and has been able find happiness again.

Anonymous (Delhi)

Best ears to your problems. I've seen her be as happy about my achievements as my own family would be and as worried as them but always has the best solutions. Always tries to be a available whenever you need her. Grateful for you🙏🏼❤️

Megha (Mumbai)

I've had an incredible experience with Ashlesha as our marriage counselor. She creates a safe and non-judgmental space, allowing us to share our perspectives and feelings openly. Ashlesha's attentive listening and rational advice have been invaluable in helping my husband and me navigate through our challenges. Throughout the counseling sessions, she equipped us with various techniques and strategies to rebuild our connection and foster healthier communication. The progress we've seen in our relationship is significant – we feel more connected, understood, and supported. Thank you, Ashlesha, for being a beacon of support and contributing to our ongoing growth and happiness as a couple. I highly recommend Ashlesha to anyone dealing with relationship issues or seeking personal growth.

Neetika (Mumbai)

I am extremely grateful to have found Ashlesha. Talking to Ashlesha makes me feel safe and warm. There is something about her which will make you feel confident, happier and more mentally stable after each session. What I absolutely love about her is that there is a lot of empathy and understanding on her end. Also, the fact that there is always a 2-way communication in her sessions, which really gives on the spot clarity on the subject matter; which I have not experienced else where, truly speaking. She really has the ability to uplift someone up from a low place and brings a ray of light even if the individuals' situation at that moment may seem difficult. I am really happy to have found her and will continue my sessions with her.

Shreya (Mumbai)

Absolutely incredible therapist! A true beacon of compassion and empathy, she listens deeply, offering unwavering support and profound insights. With her gentle guidance, she illuminates paths to healing and growth, creating a safe haven for transformation. A blessing to anyone fortunate enough to experience her healing touch 🏼

Rasm (Mumbai)

Ashlesha stands out as the most incredible therapist I've had! I no longer feel the despair and isolation I once did; instead, I've grown more confident and have begun embracing self-love and acceptance. Her incredible kindness and empathy leave me feeling empowered after every session we have. I'm immensely thankful to have her as my therapist.

Rashica (Mumbai)

Best ears to your problems. I've seen her be as happy about my achievements as my own family would be and as worried as them but always has the best solutions. Always tries to be a available whenever you need her. Grateful for you🙏🏼❤️

Megha Karel

Ashlesha helped me realize that I am slowly moving into depression which is not fine and she guided me how to come out of it. She helped me analyze and how to stand up and get rid of all toxicity at work front and family life as well. She's the right person to reach out if you feel so low and have no idea what next..... Thanks Ashlesha for all your guidance


Ashlesha Deshpande I came across her around 2016 and till today she has been an immense support and blessing in my life and the journey still continues to grow strong … I take the opportunity to tell everyone out there she is the one….who will guide you through out and forever….. Thank you for being such an angel and thank you for helping me always …. Stay blessed and be happy

Raji Khemani

Recently joined this counselling service one-two months ago but have had a positive experience so far. The sessions are weekly and flexible and conversational in nature. The conversation is guided with psychological topics and allow for deep evaluation and reflection of my own personal life events.

Sanah Imani

If you’re anxious & feel no one understands what you’re really going through or just want to navigate your emotions then I highly highly recommend her. She listens to you very patiently, makes you feel validated & is an excellent counsellor. I am in a much better place now. All thanks to her:)

Shruti Kanwar

I am beyond thankful to Ashlesha for making me feel validated since the first session and understood from where I was coming She’s extremely calm and empathetic towards one’s emotions One can talk so freely to her She exactly tells you what you need to hear and believe in yourself I am much stronger today and all my credits go to her!I am in a much better place now. All thanks to her:)

Jaikishen Raheja

Ashlesha is one of the most knowledgeable counsellors I know. She’s already educated me on new things I dinno about, although I’ve been to about 8 counsellors before. I’ve already become a much calmer person just having 3 sessions with her. I look forward to growing way more and turning into a more stable person with her help. Highly recommend!

Esther Johnson (Mumbai)

Ashlesha has a very welcoming personality, she'll make you feel right at home and create a safe space for you to open up. I feel heard and understood every time I talk to her. She has helped me with my issues without being judgemental or preachy. Overall it's a very good experience interacting with her!

Tejaswini Chaudhari.

Don’t know how many will read and consider this review to be of any worth. Just putting my point across, Been through a lot since the past 5 months and just couldn’t formulate my thoughts and achieve a positive outcome. Meeting Ashlesha was by far the best thing that happened to me in 2023. A big warm thank you for all your help and support. To the future reader of this comment - Just take a step and let Ashlesha align it to its correct direction. #Good Vibes:) #Wonderwomen

Paras Bakshe Designation

I was going through the worst phase of my life, I was fighting depression since couple of months...I had lost interest for living and couldn’t figure out why it’s happening to me. My wife suggested to go for therapy sessions before taking medicines from Psychiatrist and we came to know about Dr.Ashlesha ( Ehsaas Counselling ) from random Google search. From the very first session I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with her and surprisingly felt good after just one session. She is very understanding , calm & patient, gives you lot of time to express yourself, will never get bored/irritated even if you repeat somethings again and again. Its almost two months now that I'm taking sessions with her and the sessions have helped me understand my emotions better and I can already see some changes in myself . I cannot thank Dr Ashlesha for bringing me back in my life.. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for therapist..!!

Sagar Vedpathak

I’ve been taking therapy with Ashlesha for about three months now, and I have to say that she’s so amazing with her craft and helped me out so much. I can see the changes (good changes) she has brought to my life with her therapy. She’s best at what she does. I’m very satisfied with all the sessions we have.

Nandini Bora

I am incredibly grateful for my therapist’s compassionate and supportive approach. Through our sessions, I’ve gained valuable insights into myself and developed healthier coping strategies. Their professionalism and empathy have made a profound impact on my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need of therapy I am blessed that i met her😇😇

Malika Shukla

Doctor ashlesha Deshpande is extremely the best therapist she understood all my problems in the first session I was having anxiety and fear I was lost and depressed she is very gentle and soft spoken person while talking to her she will make you feel like she knows you from a long time so you feel very comfortable while talking about your life In the first session she made me feel very confident about myself That now I am doing well all because of doctor I am fearless back on track and peacefully back to work Thank you 😊 Doctor ashlesha Deshpande I am greatfull 🙏

Edwin Dsouza

A counsellor with a who doesn’t make counselling feel like a task, this was the first thought that I had after my first 2 sessions with her. The process felt like a friendly chat at that moment, only to later realise that I parted with few important tools to help me navigate with my emotions and feelings better. We give so many hours of thought about if we should start counselling, discuss matters with friends and family, only to be back at square one feeling stuck and helpless. Instead just take that step and book a consultation. And trust me when I say this. You need to give it at-least a month or 2 for any results to be seen. Good counselling doest require years and years of consultations. With patience, understanding and transparency on both sides, any problem can be solved in reasonable amount of time ❤️🌸

Tiara Banerjee

Ashlesha is really kind, patient and helpful. She doesn't push therapy or psychiatrists on you but rather tries to get to the bottom of it.

Anuraag Pandey

I was able to have a breakthrough within 2-3 sessions (2 weeks). Ashlesha is very understanding, has lots of experience and expertise in dealing with mental health. Moving past shame, guilt and unhelpful actions, I have been able to move towards a better direction. Onwards and upwards. 😁

Avani Gupta

Ashlesha is a very competent and empathetic therapist and I am extremely happy to leave my daughter in her able hands and under her guidance and support. My daughter (25 years) lives independently in another country and finds a lot of comfort with Ashlesha. She is able to open out to her fully and finds her both, a friend and an able guide who can help her manoeuvre her life better. Ashlesha’s guidance has helped my daughter tremendously in reducing her anxiety and also helped her find mechanisms to cope with it if she does get anxious sometimes. Thank you Ashlesha for your continued support. Grateful!

Meeta Gupta

Ashlesha is highly skilled at reading between the lines and understanding things at the root. A very kind hearted and intelligent therapist. She comes up with practical solutions to problems and calls a spade a spade. She helps you heal and feel empowered. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her and will continue to do so as and when required.


Ashlesha has been a tremendous help to me in the short while we have been working together. Her method is so effective, and she’s an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an extremely qualified and understanding therapist. She has really helped me work through things that once seemed unfixable.

Aanya Gupta

Ashlesha has been amazingly patient and sensitive. She does a fine job of understanding and unravelling emotions. She has been an exceptional therapist and I will highly recommend her to everyone.

Anindya Chakraborty

I am beyond thankful to Ashlesha for making me feel validated since the first session and understood from where I was coming She’s extremely calm and empathetic towards one’s emotions One can talk so freely to her She exactly tells you what you need to hear and believe in yourself I am much stronger today and all my credits go to her!

Jaikishen Raheja

Ashlesha is very good at what she does. Going here has really helped me in navigating situations. It's a very personalized session and ashlesha is great at remembering personal details and uniquely works with you through stuff. She really understands and offers insightful advice

Shriya Virkar

When I hit my rock bottom, in a new city, stuck, confused, I called many therapists, some didn't pick up, some spoke to me like I was just another client, and some had absurd prices, then I called up Ehsaas, and immediately I felt welcomed and heard, that was it, I met Ashlesha that very day. And after many sessions with her, I got to know myself much better, I learned ways to fix myself and I am genuinely doing much better in my life all thanks to Ashlesha, in the beginning I was hesitant to open up, felt like I'm talking too much, but Ashlesha was extremely patient with me and also gave me proper steps that I would understand. It's the little things that make you feel like you are being heard, when I used to talk a lot and loose track of what I was saying, Ashlesha was always present, she used to bring me back to the thing I was talking about, making me feel heard, that was very important to me, she found ways to trigger change in me I didn't know I could, every session with her, I was able to unravel myself more and more and understand more things clearly. Reaching out to a therapist and talking about some extremely private things is very difficult, but Ashlesha definitely made it easier, I'm glad I made that call and I'm glad that through Ashlesha I could get out of my rock bottom.

Adhyyan kumar singh

A great place to begin your journey of mental well-being. She has a very unconventional and refreshing approach to addressing life’s anxieties.

shashank lanjekar

Best therapy place in town ! Ashlesha has been such a great help for every thing & I would recommend her to everyone that needs a sunshine in their life !!!

Sailee Prabhudesai

Why become a client?

My clients are willing individuals who want to maximize their full potential and are committed to bringing a fundamental shift in their lives, which will bring them to a place where they continue living their life with zest and excitement. My greatest joy is when I hear from my clients about how well they have progressed in their lives. 

The goal that I set for myself is that they are no more dependent on me and that they are fully empowered to keep helping themselves in their journey of life. If this resonates with your aspirations and your desire to understand and navigate successfully through your life’s challenges, do get in touch.


My goal is for them to no longer rely on me and to be fully empowered to help themselves on their life’s journey. If this resonates with your goals and desire to understand and successfully navigate your life’s challenges, please get in touch.

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